International Scientific Collaboration

RII is engaged in international partnership with WHO, academic institutions, and organizations from USA, UK, Finland, Austria, China, Kazakhstan and other countries. The partnership involves joint projects and agreements on influenza surveillance, molecular virology, genetic engineering, influenza diagnostic tools improvement, construction and development of novel influenza vaccines and therapeutic medicines. Joint scientific expeditions, materials research analysis, exchange of strains, specialists and information are conducted.

The Institute, designated as a WHO National Centre, contributes to the WHO Global Influenza Programme and European Influenza Surveillance Network in the framework of fruitful collaboration with WHO National and Collaborating Centres and EuroWHO. It analyses epidemic situation in Russia and submits the results into the FluNet and EuroFlu databases. These investigations help to expand and enhance both national and global influenza surveillance networks.

Collaboration with US-based Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) allows standardization of domestic reagent kits by comparison with reference systems provided by CDC.

Scientific relations between RII and it’s colleagues from eastern neighbors of Russia, such as development of China-Russian technology centre in Dalian, and collaboration with Kazakhstan Research Institute of Biological Safety, serve as major contributing factors to the influenza watch in the country.

The Institute also organizes and participates in international scientific conferences and events.

RII willingly accepts CIS specialists for postgraduate studies and provides advisory and research aid.

RII International Projects

  • «Protein Production in Plants», in the framework of 227056 «Plant-Produced Vaccines» European Project (in collaboration with the Federal Science and Innovations Agency and RAS Bioengineering Centre)
  • «FLUVACC Live Replication-Defective Attenuated Vaccine European Project» (together with Avir Green Hills Biotechnology AG, Vienna, Austria)
  • «A(H5N1) Vaccine for Kazakhstan Healthcare» (together with Kazakhstan Research Institute of Biological Safety and National Biotechnology Centre of Ministry of Public Health, Kazakhstan)
  • «Further Development of Influenza Surveillance in Russia» (co-investigator - Ivanovsky Virology Institute, Moscow) supported by Influenza Divison, CDC, Atlanta, USA
  • «Improvement and Standardization of Laboratory and Epidemiologic Surveillance of Rubella in Russia» (co-investigator — Mechnikov Research Institute of Vaccines and Sera, Moscow) supported by Rubella Virus Laboratory, CDC, Atlanta, USA).