Research Areas

RII is actively solving fundamental and applied tasks in the field of virology, epidemiology and infectious pathology, serving a high purpose of protecting and augmenting human health, developing healthcare and medical science.

The main research areas are:

  • Epidemiologic and etiologic influenza/ARI surveillance improvement; further strengthening collaboration with WHO.
  • Molecular genetic and phylogenetic analysis of influenza viruses and other viral agents circulating in Russia, forecasting their variability trends.
  • Genetic classification of existing and newly emerging viruses, detection of genetic determinants of their pathogenicity; virus indication techniques design and virus taxonomy amendments.
  • Studies on molecular mechanisms of viral pathogenesis, and morphology of viruses.
  • Nanotechnology-based diagnostic reagents generation. Creation of oligonucleotide and protein microchips and test systems. Construction of reagents for viral infections diagnosis and for determination of cytokine levels and other antiviral immunity factors; integration of these preparations into clinical practice.
  • Exploring new ways for next-generation vaccine production. Applying nanotechnology to produce the most up-to-date means of human protection against influenza and other highly dangerous infections.
  • Discovery and targeted synthesis of antiviral drugs of artificial and natural origin. Comprehensive analysis of  virus-inhibiting effect of a drug.
  • Experimental and clinical studies of immunogenic properties, safety and effectiveness of medical products for prevention of viral infections.
  • Pathogenetic studies of severe and complicated influenza/ARI cases in adults and children, therapy schemes improvement.
  • Biobank network development; expanding the collection of influenza/ARI strains, cell cultures, monoclonal antibody-producing hybridomas; electronic and paper catalogues creation.