EN ISO 15189:2012 –based Quality Management System (QMS) Introductory Workshop, Research Institute of Influenza, November 23–27, 2015

An introductory workshop covering integration of EN ISO 15189:2012 –based Quality Management System (QMS) took place November 23–27, 2015, at the Research Institute of Influenza. The workshop was conducted by Professor Ian Sharp who has more than 20 years of expertise in QMS integration at the Public Health England agency, UK. In the framework of the WHO/Europe program to strengthen medical laboratories and to prepare them for EN ISO 15189:2012 accreditation, Prof. Ian Sharp will serve as a mentor of RII's laboratory of molecular virology and genetic engineering.

Laboratory of molecular virology and genetic engineering is one of the key laboratories behind the WHO National influenza Center at the RII. It also provides support in PCR-diagnosis and genetic analysis of influenza viruses to laboratories of the former Soviet states.

In the following two years the mentor will provide the laboratory with external assistance: conduct trainings, answer questions, give practical recommendations and help to overcome obstacles.