11th Russian–Italian Conference on the «Topical Problems of Socially Significant Viral Infections»

11th Russian–Italian Conference on the «Topical Problems of Socially Significant Viral Infections» took place in Kaliningrad, Russia, May 24–25, 2011.

The conference addressed influenza, viral hepatitis and rubella infections currently having high social impact. The event gathered more than 100 medical practitioners, researchers and officials involved in health-care activities and investigations in the field of infectious diseases in children and adults. They represented Russian cities Kaliningrad, St. Petersburg, Moscow. Conference attendees from Naples (Italy), led by Prof. Franco de Rosa, foreign member of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, included experts for hepatitis infection from the University of Naples Federico II, one of the oldest academic institutions in Europe.

 Attendees of the Conference in Kaliningrad, May, 2012

The reports and lectures presented at the conference reviewed different issues associated with hepatitis types A, B and C prevention, diagnosis and therapy, new practical approaches to management of patients with chronic hepatitis in line with international clinical recommendations, problems of hepatitis lesions in patients co-infected with other infections, factors contributing to relapsing hepatitis, increased risks for hepatitis development in humans, treatment schemes for hepatitis in HIV-infected patients etc.

Special panels of the conference were dedicated to the current progress in influenza research and clinical activities including analysis of pandemic influenza in Russia, molecular and biological characteristics of newly isolated influenza viruses, experience in application of up-to-date influenza prophylactic and curative medicines particularly in the framework of clinical trials. Also, the current situation for rubella, dengue fever and some other diseases was discussed. Considerable attention was drawn to the issues of viral morbidity in children.

During the conference, an exhibition of pharmaceuticals was held.

The conference was jointly organized by the Research Institute of Influenza, St. Petersburg State Pediatric Medical Academy, Kaliningrad Region Ministry of Health and Infectious Diseases Hospital. It was sponsored by: